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Choosing the Cheapest Online College


Cheapest online colleges: Potential Scams

Online College Programs that boast about degrees that can be earned quickly and effortlessly are most likely scams. Legitimate online colleges require the typical number of credits to graduate. (60 credits for an associates degree, and 120 credits for a Bachelors)

Websites that are full of errors or misspelled words may also indicate a scam. Basically, if something doesn’t look right, don’t ignore your intuition. Dig a little deeper before automatically choosing the cheapest online colleges. Consumer expert, Clark Howard, suggests these questions to ask before making your final decision.

Getting an online college degree doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive to be legitimate. However, there are key things to be aware of before choosing the least expensive route. Be wise, by ensuring a college’s accreditation, reviewing their reputation, and eliminating a possible scam. With the plethora of online options today, you are sure to find the right program that fits within your budget.

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