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Don’t Underestimate An Online Associates Degree


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Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate the Power of An online associates degree

The humble online associate’s degree once dismissed as inadequate has risen considerably in the ranks of higher education. And thanks to online programs that are flooding the internet, associates degrees are more available than ever before.

Unlike the four-year bachelor plan, the career-focused associates allow a person to jump right into their chosen field. Then get a degree within two years. The best part is, most associates degrees segue seamlessly into four-year plans for students who want to continue their education. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of an online associates degree. (Click Next for the next page below)

Variety of career choices

From early childhood education to HVAC technicians, online associates degrees come in all shapes and sizes. Jobs that are increasingly high in demand are ones such as Audio and Video Equipment Technicians, Childcare Center Directors, and Community Service Specialists. The list goes on.

Even jobs that aren’t normally considered part of a two-year program, such as Fitness Instructors and Textile Designers, fall into the associate’s degree category. Truly, the variety of career choices is endless. Here is a comprehensive and alphabetized list of jobs you can get with an online associates degree. It includes basic descriptions and average salary.

Achievable and focused

Online associates degrees are “no fluff” options for focused persons who desire higher paying jobs without the added debt from a 4-year college. Although still required to take the basic general education courses such as College Algebra and English 101. It doesn’t take long for the student to move into the courses for their particular field of study.

Depending on how motivated and determined you are, an online associates degree can be earned in a year-and-a-half. A person who is driven and able to focus solely on their studies can zoom through an online program in no time. The benefit of finishing early, of course, is the added income from finding a job half a year sooner.

For people of all ages and interests, online associates degrees are not only readily available, they are highly attainable. Especially for the student who isn’t particularly fond of academics, a two-year online program may very well be the best fit.

High paying job choices

Surprisingly, certain associates degrees earn more than their bachelor degree counterparts. Air traffic Controllers, Computer Programmers, Dental Hygienists, and Radiation Therapists are only a few of the top paying jobs. These specialized job fields are not only highly sought after, but they are also “evergreen” in the sense that their services are in demand no matter what the season.
Check out this article for even more well-paying jobs that only require an associates or online associates degree.

Sadly, in the past, online associates degrees were often discounted and overlooked, much to the detriment of students who didn’t give them a second thought. But thanks to the world wide web, the once under-appreciated associate’s program has proven to be an outstanding option for people who need an achievable, well-paying career without the burden of a four-year degree.




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