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Accredited Online Colleges

There are a variety of choices to consider when deciding on an online college, and chances are you’ve come across an equal share of both online intuitions and traditional brick and mortar schools.  Online programs are popular due to their affordability, accessibility, and flexibility they offer students wishing to pursue a degree.

However, as educational institutions begin to leverage more and more distance education programs, students are faced with the tough decision of finding the right school.  Online schools are appealing since they offer the most flexibility, and courses can be taken from anywhere.  In addition, there’s no difference in curriculum between an online program and an on-campus program.  However, one of the key factors that students need to take into consideration when choosing an online college is accreditation.

There are several types of accreditation including National Accreditation and Regional Accreditation.  Online schools that decide to apply for Regional Accreditation are evaluated by the regional agency that oversees their home state. There are only six agencies that can award regional accreditation, and declare that a college is regionally accredited.  The U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) continuously recognizes these agencies as the only bodies that can award this type of accreditation. These six accrediting agencies each cover different sections across the U.S.

In the list below, we’ve identified several Regionally Accredited, affordable, online colleges to help you search for quality online education. Click NEXT (below) to see the next segment

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