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Computer Technology

Computer technology is a broad field correlating with Information Technology that encompasses the study of computers, networking systems, software programming, and related devices. Computer technology involves courses in information systems and communications, computer hardware and application software, IT help desk, the internet, and recently artificial intelligence, to mention but a few.

It also deals with database development and design, programming, and every other component necessary for computers to function effectively. The field is open to anyone interested in making a career of it and those who are passionate about working with computers. An online degree in computer technology prepares you for work with companies that employ computers and their applications in their daily activities to design, manage, process, and share information.

With a degree in computer technology, you are equipped to give technical support, assistance and professional opinion to employers on the use and repair of software and hardware respectively. You will be equipped with the skills and ability of computer technology, using them to harness resources to solve challenges to assist in improving your primary assignment and also yourself.

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